Danang Golden Bay Hotel Partnering with MCM eCom Global

July 10, 2019 marked a remarkable milestone for Danang Golden Bay Hotel, Vietnam (Hotel) and MCM eCom Global Venture Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (MCM eCom) by entering into partnership to launch first of its kind Hotel Retailing App in the ASEAN region.

Signing Ceremony on the Strategic Partnership between Danang Golden Bay Hotel, Vietnam & MCM eComm Global Venture Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Signing Ceremony on the Strategic Partnership between Danang Golden Bay Hotel, Vietnam & MCM eComm Global Venture Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

This in line with the Danang Golden Bay Hotel’s mission to ensure that they are up to speed on their offering. Mr. Danny, Hotel’s COO, says that Hotel wishes to continually look for ways to improve their products. “For instance, new functionality via an app includes online travel package promotions, check-in, express check-out, room service and the hotel’s online shop, direct communication with the concierge, and guests can view their invoices.” This full-service app will pave the way for improved customer satisfaction, and the data generated will enable hotels to offer better services and pursue more sales opportunities.

In partnership with MCM eCom to develop a full technology platform, Hotel launched a new hotel retailing app that includes many innovations. Hotel can adopt to differentiate themselves and ultimately surprise and delight guests.

“Danang Golden Bay Hotel needs to prioritize and embrace technological trends,” Mr. Danny added. “Guests are demanding more digital technology solutions from hotels. Inorder to keep the guests’ experience personalized, Hotel needs to be pro-active by understanding their needs and then providing the services automatically.”

Key figures who attended the launching are:

  • Mr. Thang, CEO, Danang Golden Bay Hotel
  • Mr. Danny, COO, Danang Golden Bay Hotel
  • Adj. Prof. Maxshangkar, Group CEO of Max Capital Management Holding Ltd.
  • Mr. Dan Then, CEO of MCM eCom Global Venture Sdn Bhd
  • Mr. Lawson Lau, CFO of MCM eCom Global Venture Sdn Bhd

This event was organized at the Hotel and witnessed by more than 50 distinguished guests from MalaysiaVietnam and China.

About Danang Golden Bay Hotel

This hotel features a 24K gold-plated infinity swimming pool and a bar on the 29th floor, a Wonder Park where guests can find miniature wonders of the world. It offers spacious rooms that include a desk, a flat-screen TV and air conditioning. Golden Square Restaurant specializes in Vietnamese cuisine. This hotel is also rated for the best value in Da Nang! For more details, please visit: www.dananggoldenbay.com

About MCM eCom Global Venture Sdn Bhd

MCM eCom is the holding company for “BizPorter”, a leading e-commerce entrepreneurship platform that helps new entrepreneurs to kick-start their own businesses hassle-free. For more details, please visit: https://www.mcmecom.com