Danang Golden Bay Hotel is sited on the golden location of Danang city. Coming to the hotel, you can be free in the majestic beauty of nature. This is the place where the sky meets the sea and the mountains. Staying in this wonderful place would be the most memorable moments of your Danang trip.

Danang Golden Bay – 1064 rooms and suites with the feature of gold

Danang Golden Bay Hotel is at Danang bay where the river flows to the sea

The Danang Bay is one of the most attractive destinations of the city since it is partially covered by Son Tra Peninsula. Danang Golden Bay Hotel is luckily located at that golden point. Therefore, visitors come to the hotel will watch the majestic beauty of nature here. From the room, looking through the window, you can fill your eyesight with full of the blue ocean color. Furthermore, let the wind from the ocean touch your skin and blow your hair. That would be such a great experience that it is hard to forget.

With the spectacular views at Golden Infinity Swimming Pool

Moreover, Danang Golden Bay is also an ideal place to enjoy the charming of Danang beach. From the restaurants, bars, infinity golden swimming pool or the rooms, you can easily to see a gorgeous view of Danang beach. It is when the fisherman with the boats are on the river for their earn. It also is where the sun shines its last lights to the land. And it is where the Han River flows to its mother ocean, brings all the sorrow and sadness of the local people to the sea.

Danang Golden Bay Hotel opens to the imposing Son Tra Peninsula

To the east of Danang city, Son Tra Peninsula is a pearl of this beautiful place. Danang Golden Bay Hotel is located to the west of that peninsula. When coming here, tourists can see a majestic and imposing natural beauty of Son Tra. What else is more wonderful than staying in a place that allows seeing either sea or mountains?

Hai Van Pass – Son Tra Peninsula undivided natural beauty

Moreover, it does not only stop your eyesight at Son Tra Peninsula. You also can see the Truong Son mountain range further. That is a view full of green which makes your day better and fresher. Additionally, higher above the Son Tra Peninsula, from the rooms, you can see the blue of the sky. They, together with the green of mountains and the blue of the ocean, will make your vacation to this city become the most worthy ever.

Danang Golden Bay Hotel – A heaven for sunset lovers

Facing the City Bay and being surrounded by the picturesque nature of Son Tra Peninsula, Danang Golden Bay Hotel offers the perfect setting for sundowners to seize a stunning sunset view from its golden infinity pool on rooftop floor. Indulging yourselves in the cool and fresh water of the infinity pool while experiencing the color of the sky turning from light to dark orange, then purple before ending with grey certainly leaves a strong impression on travelers. The globular lamps along the Thuan Phuoc suspension bridge light up, adding a magical touch to the dreamy atmosphere. There is hardly anything more beautiful than watching the blaze of colors expand over the vast horizon as the sun goes down on the beach. The reflection of sunset on the water surface – both that of the pool and the ocean – is definitely a beauty to behold forever in your mind.

Golden Infinity Swimming Pool – Best view point for sunset in Danang

Danang Golden Bay Hotel – Set to open in Danang city

 Bringing fresh of the dynamic Danang city, Danang Golden Bay Hotel captures the Danang city with the energy, the glamorous. Every Room at Danang Golden Bay Hotel reveled in glowing sunsets of Danang Bay, the dynamic of city, a heavenly view of the feted Danang skyline, or the poetic for flow of the Han River from the best feature of over 1000 rooms and suites with balcony. Providing exceptional levels of service, this luxurious resort is perfect for couples and families wishing to experience everything Danang has to offer.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge – Hai Van Pass view

Therefore, Danang Golden Bay Hotel is said of gathering the harmonic beauty of the sky, the ocean and the mountains. In conclusion, Danang Golden Bay Hotel with the 5-star services does not only bring to you the most satisfying feeling but also give you chance to get closer to nature. With a unique location where the sky meets the sea and the mountains, the hotel would be a perfect choice for your Danang trip. Do not miss out a chance to reward yourself by coming to Danang Golden Bay Hotel and enjoy the paradise in reality.

Sunset on Danang Bay from the balcony of Deluxe Golden Bay Room

The convergence of Spring and Summer with little sun rays during the day and gentle breeze may encourage you to pack your bags and travel to Danang City. Son Tra Peninsula covered in fluffy clouds in the early morning or the calm and sparkling Danang Bay, how magnificent it is to admire those beautiful sceneries! Danang Golden Bay Hotel have the many offer for you and your loved.

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