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New Year CountDown Party

You will have chance to take part in an amazing party of sound, light, fireworks and welcome the new year from the height in the Danang Bay.  Let's enjoy the most unique countdown party at Danang Golden Bay Hotel to welcome the new year 2020 excitedly and boldly! 


New Year Eve Buffet

Let join the new year welcome party at The Horizon restaurant on the 3rd floor of Danang Golden Bay Hotel. With music and the tasty disks which are made by our excellent chefs at Danang Golden Bay Hotel, we will bring to you a cozy, luxurious an elegant new year party.


Christmas Eve Buffet

Let Danang Golden Bay Hotel bring to you a warm and happy Christmas with the Golden Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner. You will get enjoy the tasty food which is made by the excellent chefs with the national standard verified buffet, in a cozy and sparkle space.



Celebrate the occasion of delight, happiness and excitement with us! Celebrate your year end party in style, starting from VND 480,000/ person. Book your Year-End Party with Danang Golden Bay today to enjoy lots of added benefits:


The Best Of Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is always known as the quintessence of the heaven and the earth. It is also the result of thousand years of civilization and the simplicity of the local lifestyle. Come to Danang Golden Bay Hotel, you will have the chance to enjoy the most significant, most famous dishes of Vietnam. And there is a variety of the different dishes from every areas across the country.


Roast & Grill Night

Let's come to Danang Golden Bay Hotel to enjoy an abundant meal with our weekend BBQ event! With a more diversified and more attractive menu, your weekend will be a wonderful trip through the world cuisine culture by our perfectly skilled chefs. Time: 18:00 - 21:00, Every Friday Venue: The Horizon Restaurant, Level 3 Price: VND 299,000 ( Free 01 drink) Call 0236 878 999 for more information!


Family International Buffet

Do you dream of traveling around the planet to conquer the world cuisine? Your dream finally comes true at Danang Golden Bay Hotel! Time: 18:00 - 21:00, Every Sunday Venue: The Horizon Restaurant, Level 3 Price: VND 299,000 ( Free 01 Drink) Call 0236 878 999 for more information!



Enjoy an exciting day with Danang colourful market where the Chef will introduce you to an array of Vietnamese ingredients from which you will learn to turn into local delicacies.



Sweet, romantic and poetry with Anniversary Package VND 2,659,000/ nett



Unlimited check -in time at Danang Golden Bay Hotel with Flexi Package only VND 2,500,000/ nett



How long has it been since the last time you had the amazing taste of the fresh seafood? It's time to come to Seafood ExtraVaganza at Danang Golden Bay Hotel to satisfy your seafood craving with an unlimited seafood buffet party. We save for you the freshest and best material to make the tastiest dishes ever with our most intelligent chefs! 


Seafood Hotpot

Being a coastal city, Danang has an amazing advantages of the beach. One of them are the fresh seafood during the year. In Danang Golden Bay Hotel, we use the freshest seafood which is clean and high-quality to make the hotpot. Therefore, you cannot find the similar smell and taste in anywhere else in the city.


Afternoon Combo Tea Set

Come to the afternoon tea to let yourself lounge in the light but unique space, this will be a perfect therapy for your soul. Let your mind be free in the luxurious space, and let the eyes go out to the majestic nature, touch the American dream which the "Golden Gate Bridge" is imposing in smoking, lounge your soul in a light afternoon at our afternoon tea shop.


Cocktail and Mocktail Buffet

Have you ever heard of the buffet for Cocktail and Mocktail? Come to Danang Golden Bay Hotel to rock with this unique buffet now! With the special ingredients and the excellent bartenders, you will have chance to taste the delicious drinks in an exciting but elegant space of Danang Golden Bay Hotel.


Spa Special Package

Refresh your mental and physical balnace with our festive spa package !Delivered skillfully by our therapists, a combination of various treatments is about to increase the blood circulation and improve your overall skin as well as muscles, releasing your stress and easing your aches.





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