Sunsets are beautiful everywhere, but the most stunning one in Danang might happen at Danang Golden Bay hotel.

Danang City has a number of accommodations ranging from budget to luxury ones for guests to choose. Head to the most worth living city in Vietnam to experience the magnificent sunset over the longest suspension bridge in Asia combined with the golden bay of this city is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience for any travelers.

Just 20-minute drive away from Danang International Airport, Danang Golden Bay hotel is located right at the Han estuary. The hotel consists of more than 1000 rooms equipped with gold-inlaid facilities and is well known for its special geographical feature as well as the ability to feast guests’ eyes on the beautiful surrounding, which offers guests a multitude of stunning spots to watch the sun say goodbye to the day. Guest can choose among ideal spots for witnessing glorious sun dip back into the horizon from different corners in Danang Golden Bay hotel.

Facing the City Bay and being surrounded by the picturesque nature of Son Tra Peninsula, Danang Golden Bay offers the perfect setting for sundowners to seize a stunning sunset view from its golden infinity pool on rooftop floor.  Indulging yourselves in the cool and fresh water of the infinity pool while experiencing the color of the sky turning from light to dark orange, then purple before ending with grey certainly leaves a strong impression on travelers. The globular lamps along the Thuan Phuoc suspension bridge light up, adding a magical touch to the dreamy atmosphere. There is hardly anything more beautiful than watching the blaze of colors expand over the vast horizon as the sun goes down on the beach. The reflection of sunset on the water surface – both that of the pool and the ocean – is definitely a beauty to behold forever in your mind.

Especially, in the dry season, you may have the chance to savour your afternoon tea in the most fascinating way – the floating afternoon tea – served right at this golden infinity pool. You are expected to fall in love with the magnificent sunset as you admire the unobstructed panoramic view of the beach from atop the hotel and capture some beautiful moments for social media posting. All of this creates a retreat of a life time that you never forget. Who can say “No” to such spectacular experience?

For active tourists, taking a walk around the Wonder Park as the sun paints the sky in amazing hues of pink, orange, and red is also considered as a not-to-miss activity when staying at Danang Golden Bay hotel.

We can give couple a romantic escape, bring family a break or provide business people with relaxing moments in their spending time at Danang Golden Bay. No matter who you are: couple get-away, family, adventure travelers or business ones, we are proud to satisfy all categories by our service and facilities. Someone has said sunsets were so beautiful that they almost seemed as if we were looking through the gates of heaven. So, why don’t you get yourselves a closer reach to the Heaven by staying with us?


01 Le Van Duyet Street, Son Tra District, Danang City, Vietnam.

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